Friday, August 11, 2006

Fun Times

(Umm...ok, so I thought I hit that "post" button a week ago on this. I just got on Blogger and found out that this is still in "edit" mode, which means that it's now a week old. Oh well - we can blame this on Blogger, right? I thought so. )

I think I have finally recovered from the 2006 Summer Week of Family Fun and Craziness, just in time to begin another year of Library Craziness and Student Fun. I'd like to say there was a highpoint, but it was all equally fun and equally crazy (kinda like the new academic year will be).

Big Sis Karen had a little conference to go to in Atlanta, so she dropped her kids off up here with Big Sis Kathy for the week. For those of you that don't know, Kathy has 6 kids. Thus the equal parts crazy and fun (with a dash of lunacy and a side order of insane thrown in for good measure). After a few days I was exhausted - and I was only going over in the evenings. Actually, I think one of the most exhausting things is just keeping enough food going to feed all of those growing mouths. And one night, I took my Step-Son over for his dose of Family Fun and Craziness. Since he's 15, that's the equivalent of adding two 5 year old stomachs. But Kathy and I are a well oiled machine by this point at slapping food on plates and milk in cups (well, she's more well oiled then I am - but I make up for it by drinking more wine than she does. I think it all evens out in the end).

The highlight (in my book - and that's the one that counts, right?) was Friday night and Saturday morning. I took the four youngest kids to my house Friday night where we watched movies, ate popcorn and stayed up late being silly. Saturday morning, my brother in-law drove the four older boys over for a late morning edition of Pool Madness, followed by a round of Aunt Debbie Tries To Be A Well Oiled Machine All By Herself.

I think I had one of the best naps of my entire life that afternoon. Two solid hours of oblivion.

Saturday night I headed to Atlanta to meet up with Karen and some online friends for a late night party, that ended up being even later when we left the party and went to the bar – which chose that exact moment to make last call. We only had time for one drink there, but never let it be said that we can’t be resourceful – we just grabbed some wine and beer and went outside and chatted for about an hour. So there, Marriott – we won’t let you ruin our Sister Fun!

Sunday night, back at The Ranch of Family Insanity, my Sis-in-Law from Huntsville drove down with my other two nephews, which equaled what I believe to be an illegal amount of Family Fun. There has not yet been a scale created to measure the craziness that ensued that night - and none of us would have it any other way.
Well, the moms might disagree with that last statement.

And now I’m back to my regularly scheduled life of Star Trek every night at 7 PM. It’ll be fun for a few nights – but then I’ll be wishing my family were back in all their crazy glory. I guess I really am as Insane as the rest of them.

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Karen said...

She lives!
I was worried we'd driven you over the edge with that last night of fun.
See you in October!