Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I won!

A couple of days ago I won a $15 Starbucks Gift Card from the The Coinstar® Skip Our Fee Instant Win Game & Sweepstakes. Don’t ask me how this could be an instant win, when I got the GC 2 months after the sweepstakes ended, because I’m not asking any such foolish questions. I’m taking the card and buying some coffee. Well, the next time I’m near a Starbucks anyway. Even more exciting: This is a sweepstakes that I won all on my own. I think everything I’ve won before (the TV, the $100 to Winn Dixie, the movie) all came for entries that my mom sent in with my name on them. Now, I am NOT complaining! (Mom, don’t stop sending my name in!). But there is a little extra added thrill from knowing that I did this all by myself. I may start singing the “I’m a big kid now” song any second.


Amanda Brice said...


But you're wrong. :) You won SHE'S GOT LEGS on your own, too. :)

Tess Harrison said...

Congrats on the win! Man, I could put a hurt on a SB card!

sjer said...

I was looking through your archives and I guess at some point I missed some of your posts because the open letter regarding trees made me pee a little. I love when you rant in such a pleasant tone. The mix of of sarcasm and condescension is truly brilliant - and I've heard some of your more brilliant rants. Sorry this comment is not related to this post. I should remedy that...when are we going to Starbucks? I get paid soon : )