Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thirteen Things I Love About My New Job

1.) The hours: I can come and go pretty much as I please, as long as I work 80 hours every pay period. There are a few rules, but this is so much better than the strict 7:30-4:30 regimen I’ve had. I had forgotten how much I loved being able to make my own hours. Does that make me less of an adult? Yes? Good.

2.) I don’t have to waste an hour on a lunch break, unless I want to. It’s never taken me an hour to eat ANY meal, which means that after 20 minutes I’m ready to go back to work. Which leads to me falling asleep while I wait for time to pass…which leads to a not-pleasant wakeup after only 30 minutes of napping. Naps are to be enjoyed and reveled in, not stolen on a lunch break.

3.) My new boss. Have I mentioned him around here yet? He doesn’t lose my emails (not that I send him many), he doesn’t need me to use small words, and he doesn’t expect me to do his job. And dear god, I don't have to explain myself everytime I crack a joke! Finally, someone who understands how marvelously humorous and witty I am! >G<

4.) Getting home before my husband. Call me old-fashioned, but I like being home when he walks in the door. For the past year and a half, he’s almost always beat me home, and was usually waiting at the door. Now it’s my turn to give the welcome-home hug.

5.) I’m home on Monday nights, so I get to cook dinner for my stepson. Sure, he actively dislikes the green things I put on his plate. And he’s not nearly as excited as I am about this – he’s been getting pizza, burgers, or something equally nutritious once a week because I wasn’t around to do the hard task of opening a can of corn.

6.) Reading material. Yes, I know that I’m not really supposed to read all of the journals that come across my desk word for word. But when an article has the word “castrating” in the title – and it’s not talking about male anatomy – sometimes you just have to read a bit to see what they’re referring to.

7.) I’m no longer part of the coffee-club drama in the front. This deserves another post entirely to itself, so I’ll only say that my absence in the coffee club is a hole in the caffeine-circle that created a vacuum. The life is being sucked out of everyone because of something that should bring nothing but joy.

8.) I get to see the sunrise every morning. So far. Yeah, you’re not supposed to be nature-watching while traveling at 75 miles an hour. But there is something about being up and awake enough to see the blacks and grays and blues turn to reds and yellows and oranges in front of your eyes. And every day it’s different.

9.) I don’t have to leave my desk to refill my coffee cup – I have an urn that I bought and fill up with a half pot of coffee, and it sits within reach of my hands at all times. It’s the first thing out of my bag when I get to my desk in the morning. And it’s already got my favorite cream in it, so all I have to do is pour until it's gone.

10.) My chocolate stash on my desk is lasting a lot longer these days. Sure, the library staff knows that I have a basket full…but the students aren’t eating it anymore.

11.) I get to play with spreadsheets. They aren’t complicated one with formulas and stuff that will make me cuss and rip hair out as I try to figure out if the “$” symbols are all in the right places (which I love to do, btw)…but that could change, if I have my way about it. Our new personnel system means we have to keep a lot more stats. And I love doing percentages.

12.) I get to learn a new software program – Microsoft Access. I’m now scheduled to begin that process in the middle of March (when I should have started the classes yesterday). It’s not a new or anything…but I love learning new stuff like that. And then I’ll drive my boss batty with it, because I know all I’ll want to do is play with all the cool features. And he’ll keep telling me “But that’s not really necessary…” And I’ll be like, “yeah, but I can DO it!” sometimes, ability outweighs necessity.

13.) I just like the new job, ok? I knew I’d like it, and I haven’t really said why in this post. But I like it even more than I thought I would. Maybe I’m just meant to do the boring and mundane on a daily basis. Because really, there’s nothing exciting about underlining the first letter of every article’s title, or putting a period after the author statement. But I’m loving every letter and period.

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Karen said...

How can you make a job sound so wonderful it makes me wish even for a second I wasn't self employed, working in my sweat pants and bare feet most days?

Goeve said...

It does sound like your are blissfully happy for which I congratulate you. I envy you as well...hahaha. Best of luck on the new digs and up and coming classes as well.