Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm feeling so smart, I think I'll do my taxes

Thanks to Debra, I've gotten completely addicted to the Set Puzzle. The game is addicting enough...throw in the intense competition over at her site, and it's a weekly challenge I can't refuse. Which is not to say that I often perform well, because I'm really not good at things that are based on speed. So I started out playing along and not posting my scores. And by starting out, I mean for about a year I played at home and never made a peep on her site. Then, one day, I checked out everyone else's scores, and for once I wasn't the slowest person around! I felt so incredibly smart, that I just had to brag about my score. So I left a comment that said something like: "1:47" I wanted everyone to know that I was smarter than someone else, and that was my way of saying "take that, world! I'm smart too!" But then the next day, I realized that if I only posted when I wasn't the slowest person, that was kind of like lying, because most of the time, I'm really horrible at the game. So I made myself start posting my score every time that I played. Because there are countless people that I will never meet nor have an actual conversation with over at the Deblog, and I don't want them to get the wrong impression and think I'm smart or something. Can you take personal honesty too far? Anyway, Debra has a weekly challenge, and I won. So this picture is my prize: I'm going to take this genius that's obviously rolling around inside of me and apply it to my tax forms. Because that's how I reward myself for a job well done.


Debra Hamel said...

What a great post. And I'm so glad that you delurked and come around regularly now. Besides, we're pretty friendly at the deblog: there was no need to hide!

Debra Hamel said...
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