Thursday, October 05, 2006

Why, Dear God, Why?

Why would you let someone befoul the coffee pot this way? I know you saw her heading towards the coffeepot. I'm sure you knew her intentions. I mean, if I had seen her with a green canister of coffee in her hand, I would have known. And I would have stopped her. But there was no one there to see, no one there to say "Wait! Please don't torture us all this way!" No one there to save my sanity.

So now, instead of sitting at my computer while enjoying that first cup of coffee and reading the days headlines, I'm sitting at the computer watching the clock move closer to 8 o'clock - the magical time when the shop down the hall with overpriced coffee opens its doors for business - and praying that I can last just Two. More. Minutes.

I mean, really. Decaf? In a library? I think someone let the devil loose in the library last night.


smdrm said...

I promise to have the real stuff when you get here. May not be your brand, but you can make it as strong as you want.

sjer said...

Once someone made hot tea in the coffee pot in the teacher work room at school, I promptly got a coffee maker for my room. I was tricked and it will not ever happen again if I can help it. Not as offensive as decaf, but upsetting none the less. PS I went an entire day today without so much as a drop of coffee. I feel a little odd. Should I be worried?