Thursday, October 26, 2006

For Good or's Fall again

Pro: I get to watch the sun rise on my way to work – and there are few things as beautiful as a gorgeous sunrise. Con: I am up before the sun rises. I’m sure that in an extremely civilized society, this would be illegal. Pro: The humidity has dropped below 98%, and it is no longer uncomfortable to wear something with any kind of sleeves. Con: The temperature has daily 30+ degree shifts. Tuesday morning when I left for work, it was 35 degrees. At 2 PM, it was 68. Picking which season to dress for – before the sun rises – sucks. Pro: I get to start wearing clothes I haven’t worn in months. Every fall, it’s like rediscovering a new wardrobe. Con: I have a hard time being excited about the new-found wardrobe, because…did I mention that the sun is not up when I get dressed? All in all, this is one of my favorite times of year. I have a hard time choosing between Spring and Fall; they both have their charms. But it’s October right now, so fall is my choice of the month. After all – there are so many holidays coming up…not to mention my birthday (Spring only has Easter). I can go outside for more than five minutes without sweating! I can sit outside with my coffee and read. I can still gaze longingly at my long leather coat, wishing for colder weather so that I have an excuse to wear it. I can wear my boots! And go shopping for new ones! And in six months when I get to watch my flowers bloom, and the tulips that I planted a couple of weeks ago start peeking out around my front windows, and the grass turns green, and the trees behind my house grow another 5 feet almost fast enough that I can see them growing, and the wind starts carrying a hint of warmth and sunshine instead of the threat of a cold drizzle…. Well, in 6 months, Spring will be my favorite. But not yet.

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