Monday, October 09, 2006

Our New TV

Our New TV
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Ok, sis, here't the actual TV, in use, in my living room. It's a thing of beauty, but that doesn't really come across in this pic. Any and all smart ass comments regarding what's on the TV are welcomed and more than expected.

And on a mostly unrelated matter (it doesn't have anything to do with the TV, but it does have something to do with how you're seeing the picture of my new TV):


My account officially expires today, October 9th. And Flickr is based in the Pacific time zone - so if you don't have a Pro account, then you're account limits are reset at midnight Pacific time on the 1st of the month. But you know what? I've already been cut off from all Pro Flickr services as of sometime this afternoon. Something just doesn't seem right with that.
Of course I paid the money this morning as soon as I realized...but I did it through PayPal and that'll take a couple of days. Grrr...I hate being absent-minded.


Karen said...

Wow, shiney!
I'd hate to be predictable and comment.
Re Flickr ~ I did the same thing last month :( Took from Monday til Friday for the payment to register and all my pretty pictures to come back. Maybe we'll remember this next year and learn from the experience...?

Debbie said...

If we were smart, we would save some money and then pay for two years at a time.
But who likes to be smart?

Annalee Blysse said...

I've been thinking about going pro because I like their system over there. I almost did one month. But then I thought other months I get busy and don't take a single picture. One of these days...