Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Today, I only need one thing

There comes a time about every four weeks or so when my body needs one thing - and only one thing - to live. All brain functions will shut down if I don't have Massive. Supplies. Immediately!

It is chocolate. Lusciously decadent milk chocolate.
If the stars are aligned correctly, it will be wrapped around some nice creamy caramel.
If a deity somewhere is smiling down on me, it will be a Twix.

I'll eat - and love eating - most chocolate, as long as there are no almonds in it anywhere. But right now, the only thing keeping me from attempting to perform a hysterectomy on myself is my bag of milk chocolate.

Today, I don't care about the jean size that I'm trying to whittle down to a number closer to my shoe size than it is to my age (all three of these numbers are higher than I would like, but I'm going to work on them one at a time. I started with my jeans. In a few years, I'll get to my age).

Today, I don't care that the $14 I spent on candy was not supposed to be for me to eat. These students running around the library get enough candy from every other librarian that feels the need to nurture and spoil them rotten. They can eat the Jolly Ranchers at the bottom of my candy dish, because the chocolate has been removed and put in a safe place. Which happens to be the desk drawer immediately beside my right hand.

Today, I thank the ancient religions for deciding that this is a good day to have a pagan holiday, which in turn made The Church decide that it's really the Eve to All Saint's Day, which in turn gave us Halloween. (how's that for twisting a few thousand years of history to make a point?)

But most of all, Today I thank Wallgreens for the sale they had on Mini-Twix bars last weekend.


sjer said...

The kids get dum dums. They don't even ask for the m&m's anymore. They are learning that the chocolate is as sacred as the coffee...I have promises of chocolate from their Halloween stashes tomorrow...and I have to eat it if it's a gift. Right?

Also, we discussed the history of Halloween today, so I'm amused that you commented on it in your post. I tried to remain neutral as always...since I know I probably won't be able to when Valentine's Day rolls around :)

Goeve said...

I second that emotion ... and statement. All of it! amen.