Wednesday, September 07, 2005

He made it look so simple

My sister has already noted this story in her blog, but it definately bears repeating. Gore, the man who rightfully won the election in 2000, used his personal money to charter flights for people out of Chattanooga. He may not have inspired the nation a few years ago, but I bet he sure inspired some people when he put them on that plane. This article describes what Gore did:

"On Sept. 1, three days after Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast, Simon learned that Dr. David Kline ... was trying to get in touch with Gore.

Kline was stranded with patients at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. "The situation was dire and becoming worse by the minute -- food and water running out, no power, 4 feet of water surrounding the hospital and ... corpses outside," Simon wrote. Gore responded immediately, telephoning Kline and agreeing to underwrite the $50,000 each for the two flights ..."

"None of the airlines involved required a contract or any written guarantee of payment before sending their planes and volunteer crews," Simon wrote of the American Airlines flights. "One official said if Gore promised to pay, that was good enough for them" ...

About 140 people, many of them sick, landed in Knoxville on Saturday. The second flight, with 130 evacuees, landed the next day in Chattanooga."

I think that, just as with george, the man's actions speak for themselves.

Update: CNN finally got ahold of this story too, read it here. Let's hope that more people take note of what he's done and give him the credit he deserves.

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