Saturday, September 10, 2005

Dick and Disappointment

What I would buy if I were rich enough....just to give me the pleasure of watching and listening over and over again. and then I'd want to get a video of the same situation starring george instead of Dick. That'd be better than getting my hands on Park Place and Boardwalk simultaneously. This has been a rare light-hearted moment in a week full of disappointment. I've been surprised that among all of the emotions I've felt over the Katrina disaster - anger, helplessness, rage, bitterness - there has been a measure of disappointment. I've asked myself why. How can they still have the power to disappoint me? Disappointment implies expectations. By now, I thought I was past expecting much goodness and decency out of the Bush administration. At every turn they've made decisions that seem contrary to everything that we hold dear as a country - or, for that matter, everything we hold dear simply as human beings. So how is it that after almost five years of their meaningless posturing and back-slapping I can still be optimistic enough to hope that when it really counts, when thousands of people are on the line and there is actually some good that they could accomplish if they just lifted their hands and made a few phone calls (don't get me started again on the ones who were in New York living it up with...{deep breath}...), when people are - again- looking to george for can I still hope that he'll step up to the task and act.....well, presidential? And I think the disappointment stems from my feelings of anger and helplessness. I've done all that I, personally, can do. I've given time, food, money, etc. , and when I ran out of resources I called a few people and asked for some of theirs. I know that the government can do more - they could have done more at almost any point along the way. Even while the hurricane was pummelling the coast, there were actions that could have been taken. This is a big country, folks. I've felt helpless at my lack of abilities, and anger at those who have the abilities and yet aren't using them to anything near the fullness of their potential. I say "they" because all though george is their Master of the Dark Rights, there are people who could have made a difference. The head of FEMA for instance - whose sole purpose in life should be to anticipate disasters of this magnitude in order to be able to more fully take charge when they occur. The people around Bush who could have said "maybe you could end your vacation a little early - since you've already set the record, and all - and try to help people out." And doesn't dear ol' Dick ever do anything?

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