Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Boring Myself To Tears

Favorite Link of the Day: How to make a duct-tape miniskirt Now that we're all in a good mindset, I thought I'd bore you with some views of my drive home. If you'd like to freak out and think I took these while travelling 70 miles an hour, be my guest. I only wish it were true. Unfortunately, I was stuck in a traffic accident on my way home from work today. And, because I just KNEW that someone out there was dying for a view of my daily drive, I pulled out the camera that I discovered in my purse while I was looking for a checkbook to balance. You're welcome. First up an almost-picture of downtown: Then, we moved about 1.2 miles, and this is the view to the east: Then, we moved another 1.45 miles, and here's a view to the west: And then, 5 minutes later, we started moving. This is straight ahead at the sky in front of me. I love how different this blue is than the ones above:

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