Monday, April 23, 2007

Too Cool

The Post Office is issuing a set of Star Wars Stamps next month. And you can go vote on your favorite; the winner will get its very own stamp book in the fall. Or sometime in the future. And if you vote for any of the stamps from the new movies, not only will I know and curse you, but the gods will cry. And curse you. You can vote for 1 stamp every day. Today I went with Leia and R2. I think tomorrow I'll go with Yoda. Or Obi-Wan. And does anyone else think that they did a horrible job on Han Solo? I mean, Harrison Ford didn't get those sexy genes so that he could look bad on a stamp. Because I'm sure that the most pressing thing on his mind these days is what a recreation of a picture of him from 30 years ago looks like when it's stuck on hundreds of envelopes.

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