Tuesday, April 03, 2007

To Leo or not to Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio. There. I said it. My hubby, if he reads this today, is now shuddering and has probably already gone offline. My best friend is also shuddering, but she's a curious enough individual to see where I'm going with this. I'm still remembering how incredibly sexy his South African accent was. He really hasn't ever done anything for me - I guess Titanic kinda killed his sex factor for me. And that movie is the reason that DH and BF shudder. But I'm now a convert. Leo got sexy? When the hell did this happen? Oh, and the movie (Blood Diamond) was good too. REALLY good. DH refused to "officially" watch it, but he sat at the computer and every time I glanced his way, his head was pointed at the TV. A few times, especially towards the end, he even walked into the living room and stood beside me. But he never sat down and "watched the movie." I was watching it and he just happened to be in the same room. And he'll never admit that he liked it, because he's completely on the "Not to Leo" side of my title for the day. Me? I'm so on the "To Leo" side now. And I think from now on, he should always have that accent. I'm off to add The Departed to my Netflix queue.

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Malifacent said...

That's funny he wouldn't sit down to make it official. It's true though, that is the general rule as I've used it myself for one of the kids' programs so that does work, LOL!