Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's easier to be green than some frogs think

Happy Earth Day! In the past year, I've gotten a little more green(in other words, get ready for me to go on and on about what I've done). I have a rule that if I have to spend money, then I better save money from that project in the end. That's because while the government may applaud my efforts (or not, considering our current president,) they would rather I repay my student loans first. Back in January I started replacing my light bulbs with CFLs, but my lights weren't burning out fast enough so I went on Ebay, bought about 25 of them and changed most of them out last weekend. I say most because I still need 3 indoor flood lights - and those are going to have to hold on until a few more paychecks come my way. It'd be a lot easier to do these things if they a little more affordable... Last month I started looking for local recycling possibilities. I kept telling myself being lazy, waiting for our little city to come up with a plan of their own. So I emailed the city asking for info, dropping hints, and then started looking around the county for places that take anything. Pretty much the only thing I can get rid of within 15 miles of us is newspapers and magazines. But then, this past week, the husband got an email from the university about their recycling program...and the end result is that I now have a place to take my plastics, cans, cardboard and all paper stuff. Glass is pretty much not accepted anywhere. And I planted a tree this year! Best Friend came over in the beginning of March, we went on an expidition, and I now have a tree - with leaves and everything! - growing in my backyard. My garden isn't doing so well. The dog ate the basil and the eggplant the first night we had him. The bell peppers, tomatoes, onions and squash are still alive. They've been moved out of harm's we'll see if they live. I may break down and buy a few more plants. Thanks to living in the over-heated south, I could probably plant tomatoes in August and still get more produce than I can eat. I'm working my courage up to compost. The whole money-restriction makes this one harder to justify, although it will give me something to do with most of what's left of my garbage. I'm working up my courage to build a 3-bin system. I'm sure Best Friend will be involved in this project, and if she's nice, she might even get a hammer to complement the mini-shovel I got her Friday. The Prius I've been eyeing's going to have to wait. I've added up the numbers more times than I can count. I've used old math, new math, fuzzy math...and it all tells me that I can't afford a new car for another year or so. And I still haven't decided if I want the hybrid Civic or the Prius. The Civic is a little bigger...but the Prius has more shiny knobs and displays on the inside. And the Prius gets better gas milage, but the Civic is a little cheaper. So we'll see. So, now that you've read me bragging about myself...brag a little back at me.

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anaj said...

I'm not sure about that little jab at Kermit in the title, but a new hammer might make up for it. . .actually I have a little hammer. In my little tool kit that is complete with the knife thingie that I'm not allowed to use. I would love something to hammer. . . justice, peace, compost bins, something like that. As for going green, I AM getting canvas shopping bags, because I love new bags, and the benefits to the planet justify the purchase. :)