Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Off to see the Wizard


There’s some severe weather heading my way. I don’t want to have to pull out all the meteoro-techno-babble terms, but I will: This is a big ole storm. With lightening. And Hail. And Stuff.

Of course, the “stuff” could be a tornado. Or it could be nothing but a few leaves that get blown around in the wind. Or it could be anything in between.

This is why I love weather. Ya never know what’s gonna happen. I’m not any kind of trained weather watcher (but that’s only because I’m not home enough), which is the main reason that my meteoro-techno-babble terms include “stuff” and “big ole”. But I do love a good storm. With lots of wind and lightening and thunder. I could take or leave the rain. On it’s own, rain is fine as long as I’m home in bed or on my couch. But with the wind howling and the thunder crashing, I want to be outside in the middle of it.

And now we come to the reason that I’m not a big fan of tornados: It’s not really advisable to stand around and watch lightening and “big ole stuff” when there’s a tornado in the area. In fact, I’m religious about getting the cats and high-tailing it with them into the laundry room. And then I inevitably sit on top of the washer, trying to avoid the hissing and scratching of The Cat Who Does Not Like To Be Shut Up In Small Spaces, and cursing because the tornado never comes, so I’ve just missed a good storm. I know, I know - better safe than sorry. Which is why I still go to the laundry room – after I go outside and check things out visually. Because in all honesty, if a tornado came and landed on my house, I’d have to learn that funky dance step that everyone in the movie does on the Yellow Brick Road, cause I'd be blown to Oz even if I were in the laundry room with the cats. Although it might be worth it if I could talk to a lion.

Anyway, there’s some stuff heading my way. I’m at work – which is actually a much safer building than my house. But I have a pretty good feeling my boss won’t let me stand outside for a few minutes after the sirens go off to watch the clouds swirl and the lightening flash or to feel the high winds and hear the thunder. Sometimes, bosses can be real party-poopers.

Update #1: 10:10 AMThe sirens went off. We moved the students and stood in the hall for 10 minutes. Now we're free and waiting for the next round. Update #2 10:35 AM And they went off again. This time, one of the librarians was smart enough to bring a newspaper so a few of us had something to read. I don't think I'll be driving to out to the lakes on base for lunch today.

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