Monday, November 13, 2006

Driving along, singing a song

My commute to work is about an hour, give or take ten minutes or so for the complete lunacy of Alabama drivers and the utter madness that takes ahold of people driving semi's somewhere around the Chilton County border. 60 minutes to work, and 60 minutes home. I am NOT complaining. I have NPR to keep me company, and if they get a little overzealous on, say, an upcoming election that they feel like beating into the ground...well, then, I always have my 60 +/- CDs to keep me company. And my cell phone, which - Thank you Jesus! - now gets coverage the entire way home because I switched away from the the evil that is Verizon and went back to playing on the Tmobile network. Sometimes, I actually wish the drive were longer. This is mostly in the mornings. See, because I have an hour drive, sometimes I don't really feel like I need to be completely awake when I get in the car. So I wait until the last possible second to get out of bed, because the only thing more precious than chocolate in this sweet world is sleep. If I plan things out correctly - which I rarely do - I can slide behind the steering wheel 7 minutes after I roll out of bed. Because I have at least 60 minutes to wake up - and sometimes, I actually need more than 60 minutes to wake up. The coffee rarely lasts the whole drive, and I will NOT stop for a refill when I know I can get as much as I want when I get to work. That smacks of addiction.
The ride home always seems longer, but that's when I either call every phone number in my cell phone (raise your hand if I've called you between 4:30 and 5:30 Central time). Or I put in the soundtrack from The Sound of Music and yodel along with The Lonely Goatherd at the top of my lungs, because neither my husband nor my stepson appreciate it when I do that when they're in the car with me. Or when I'm in the house. Especially when stepson has friends over. But that's another story.
And then, every once in a while, I read something that makes me think maybe this hour drive twice a day thing isn't so smart. Say, for example, something about the weather, like this:
"I still think the sweet spot (best combination of dynamics and instability) will be in the general area between Birmingham and Montgomery, and the best chance of severe storms seems to be in the 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. time frame."

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smdrm said...

Keep an eye to the sky. Maybe you should be singing "Stormy Weather",
The Rain in Spain", and of course,
"Singing in the Rain". Then for inspiration there is "You'll Never Walk Alone" (content).