Monday, July 17, 2006

Storm Thoughts

I love sitting outside when there's a storm whipping up around me. I've been outside for about 30 minutes now. When I sat down, there was still some dusky light outside. The sun was setting, but there was enough cloud cover to make the pinks and oranges glow through the clouds in a sunset that made me wish I had an expensive camera to capture it all. The wind began to rise slowly - I was reading, and didn't notice it at first. Suddenly, I realized the light was gone, and the wind was strong enough to blow through the pages of my book. Now, twenty minutes later, I'm sitting on my back porch, enjoying an incredible light display. The wind is a little stronger - a gust moved my book across the table a few inches just after I'd set it down to enjoy the show. The weather radar (which I religiously watch when there's any kind of thunder in the area) plainly shows that the summer storms are south of here. The thunder is only a soft soundtrack, far in the distance. Right now, I'm free to enjoy the electricity of the moment without any worries. So tonight, I don't get any rain, hail or sever weather. Instead, I get a show almost as specacular as the ones put on a few weeks ago for the Fourth of July. Mother Nature is a beautiful thing.


Karen said...

Sounds wonderful. And a nice break from the melting humidity of the day!

Tempest Knight said...

Oh yes... Mother Nature knows how to give us the best shows ever. *wg* I love it when it rains at night, and hear the sound of the falling rain hit the leaves.