Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Picasa Web Albums

Google's taking Picasa online....does Flickr need to be worried? Thanks to my sis, I'm a Flickr Girl. It's easy, it's quick and I love looking at pictures. Even if I have no clue who or what's in them. Flickr's built up an entire online community around their public-picture concept, and it works really well. So do you think Google can get in on the action? I downloaded Picasa onto my desktop, but was just disappointed in it. I wanted the pictures to be online, I wanted to put them in albums and write descriptions and tags, and I wanted to look at everyone else's pictures, too (apparently I'm a lot nosier than even I gave myself credit for). In short, I wanted Flickr. So I use Picasa as my storage on my laptop, and I use Flickr (thanks to one of the best older sisters in the world, I have a Pro account) as my storage on the web. The only way that I see myself switching from Flickr to a beefed up version of Picasa: If Google's product can do EVERYTHING that I use Flickr for - and do it all for free.
But I'll have to wait to try it out. This is another one of Google's limited releases, which means that I wasn't quick enough to get one of the first accounts. But that's ok, cause I love my Flickr.

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Karen said...

I was likewise not thrilled with Picasa.

Hope we see pictures of our nephew on Flikr soon ;)