Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Summer Solstice

It's that time of year again - SUMMER. In Alabama, that only means one thing - heat. In Montgomery, where I work, it got up to 98 degrees yesterday. And our hottest weather doesn't usually come until August. I really need to start digging that pool for the back yard. Anyway, a patron had a question that let me use one of my favorite reference books: Chase's Calendar of Events. This is one of the most fun books in our entire collection. (note to Stacey: you can stop calling me a nerd now; I get the picture). Did you know that today is WorldVegan Day? Or that Mississippi and Tennessee are both starting their Miss "State"pageants? How about the fact that today is "Pee on Earth" Day? There is actually an organization that is promoting not only water conservation but also adding nitrogen (via your urine) to the soil by urging people to pee outside on the ground today. Um, not me. But I'm sure my hubby will be happy toparticipate. And of course, today is the summer solstice, which has been observed in one form or another all over the world for centuries. But tomorrow is the absolute best: Stupid Guy Thing Day. As if they need a whole day to do stupid things, but don't get me started. Or maybe I should start - according to Chase's, "Women everywhere are to make a list of 'stupid guy things' and pass it on!" So, in the spirit of tomorrow:

  • If something is wrong with a car engine, many men feel that they look smarter if they open the hood and grunt at it (preferably with a beer in one hand). I'm not sure why they think grunting makes them appear intelligent, but there was lots of grunting going on under the hood of my car last evening.
  • The toilet seat is made out to be an issue between men and women, but it really isn't. If they would just learn how to aim, all the problems would be solved and there wouldn't be an argument at all.

So what do you think should go on the list?

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