Sunday, January 09, 2011


And right on time, we have another Alabama Winter Storm of the Century!
2010. This year, we're going to leave off that part about "So Far Because I'm Going To Need A Better One", because I think I've been tempting fate. I should have been more specific. I want SNOW storms. Winter storms can include ice, and Mother Nature finally found that loophole in my pleadings. It looks like that's what we're in for around here (loopholes, which in this instance is ice). Now, ice has some of the same positive aspects: it's getting The Professor and me a day off work; I get to have a celebratory beer at 3:40 in the afternoon; my favorite meteorologist will have a long-form weather special this afternoon. The negatives? Oh, the little possibility that ice will end all of this happiness as we know it. I went out to get a picture of something noteworthy, but so far the only thing noteworthy is my windshield, which is a solid sheet of ice. The driveway is on its way to becoming an ice field, but luckily I only had to take one step on it to get to the car. Knowing my graceful self, you might say "But, D! That's one step to many!" And you're right, I dared fate when I took that one step. Which is why I think I'll stay inside until it's all gone. The next time I step outside, Mother Nature will probably have teleported a polar bear to my front yard to teach me not to taunt her about Alabama Winter Storms of the Century. PS: Why in the world do I not have a weather label on this blog? I've been putting all of these under "domestic bliss"? The Professor could care less about my weather ramblings. I blame the wine I was probably drinking for the lack of motivation to create a new label. Just as I'll blame the beer I'm drinking now for the lack of motivation to create a new label. See? I'm consistent in my laziness!

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