Friday, January 28, 2011

I feel the need for a rant, and it’s political, and I have a blog, and oh look! I even have a "rant" label!

So apparently a bunch of men in the House of Representatives have taken it upon themselves to decide, once again, that they know more about my body than I do (there are 173 co-sponsors, only five of whom are women*). This time, they have decided that: · If I go out and have a drink, and someone slips a drug in that drink to make me pass out, and they proceed to rape me, I should not be allowed to have an abortion because that's not "forcible rape". · If I become mentally disabled and incapable of telling a man “no”, it doesn’t count as rape and I should not be allowed to have an abortion because that's not "forcible rape". Also not allowed to decide how to handle their own bodies are women over the age of 18 who are victims of incest, because overnight you suddenly became capable of changing your life and all of a sudden it's not rape. Also, if I get raped and have been putting my money in a tax-exempt Health Savings Account? I can't touch that money if I want to get an abortion. Is this bill going to become law? It’s a pretty long shot, thank goodness. Would I even need the option to get a Medicare funded abortion? I sincerely hope not, and since I’m in a fairly privileged segment of society, the odds are long. But. That’s. Not. The. Point. The point is that the line keeps being moved for what is “reasonable”. And that line is moving closer to the extreme side. The point is that once again, people who will never be faced with this decision about their body are saying that I don’t have the right to make that same decision about mine. The point is that “forcible rape” isn’t even a legal term and isn’t defined in the law – which means it can mean whatever the hell anti-abortion people want it to mean. The point is that this will not change those mens’ lives in the least. The point is it could be disastrous for the two people whose lives it will change the most. *And to the women who co-sponsored the bill: If you stay out of my uterus’s business, I’ll stay out of yours. Deal?

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tara said...

Ooh, I don't like this. One bit. At all.

Here's my point: I personally don't believe in abortion, but I do believe in the right to choose.

Sounds like the waters could get even muddier than they currently are.