Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Weekend

High: He loves my Chicken Parmesan! I am the best Stepmother, EVER! Low: I had to work on Sunday, so I don't get to go to his Lacrosse practice match. (Yeah, that almost counts as a high since I'm not a sports person - but there's always a chance his mom will be there and get upset that I'm there. So it's a tough one to call). Maybe I'll make Stepmom of the year in...oh, five or six years when he's in his mid-twenties and takes to living on the streets, getting piercings that I won't want to know about and blaming me for all of his problems. High: He still gets disgusted when he finds his dad and me kissing in the laundry room. Which means that we spend a lot of time kissing in the laundry room. In effect, this is a double high - I get kissed and he gets grossed out. Low: We made the mistake of asking about a female that he took to a dance. Wow. I didn't see that response coming. What I considered an overly-dramatic reaction he considered a reason to be grateful that he didn't throw green beans in my face. High: I didn't find any articles of his clothing gracing the living room floor Saturday morning (I NEVER ask what he's doing in the living room on Friday nights that makes him take his clothes off after his dad and I go to bed. After all, he doesn't ask what I do with MY clothes after I go to bed. But I'm still curious. And just a little bit scared. That is MY living room floor, and by golly, if anyone's going to do something gross on it I want to know so that I don't do anything gross in the same spot.) Who knows what will happen this weekend?

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Goeve said...

That's funny. My high was I just found out yesterday my stepdaughter (15 1/2) told her grandmother I was okay and she (the grandmother) can hear the change in 15 y.o. voice as respect when she refers to me now. YEAH! Hand holding okay, kissing not so much. lol.