Thursday, December 01, 2005


Have you ever thought about the word "send"? Me either. Until about 2 minutes ago. That's when this four letter word became the most beautiful word in the world to me. In fact, it's now my word of the day. The point of all of this is that I just used that word in my email account to send one of the most beautiful emails of my life. I just sent my final project (it took 6 attachments, including one powerpoint and a link to a website that i created) to the instructors for my final class in my graduate program. My last act as a graduate student was to hit that one little button to email my papers. Hopefully, they won't ask for any clarifications, and I'm finished. Which means in about a month I'll be receiving a piece of paper in the mail that will be almost as valuable as my marriage certificate. My diploma. So today, the word "send" is the most beautiful word in the world to me.

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