Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas Tree Fun

We put up the tree this weekend, and it is a tree of depth and brilliance if I do say so myself. I say "we" put up the tree. It was only a joint operation in that my husband held the tree steady while I turned the screws in the stand. My step-son also grunted occassionaly when I asked if he would like to hand any ornaments. They both complained that they could not watch TV while I decorated - I MUST listen to Christmas music while I decorate, and I don't want to have to strain my ears to find Nat King Cole's voice among the shouts over whatever sports show is currently reporting things all wrong. But my house is now officially ready for Christmas. And do you know who is getting the most enjoyment out of the whole thing? The cats, of course. They think of the tree as one giant fun-stand that I must have put there for their entertainment. Their favorite game today is to play hide and seek around the trunk. So I'm starting the official count: instead of days to Christmas, I'm counting how many days my cats do not A.) kill themselves by chewing on electrical cords, B.) knock down the tree altogether or C.) give me a heart attack yelling at them. Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Your tree decorating ability is equaled by none in it's depths and brilliance.