Wednesday, August 31, 2005

And the bad news goes on....

It's amazing how bad things seem to happen all at once, kind of like the old superstition that death always comes in threes. Tonight, I went to choir practice as I always do on Wednesdays. Since only about 5 of us showed up, we sat around talking about the hurricane for a while, and decided not to have practice. Over the course of the conversation, I heard more stories about people who have no where to go, no money to start over...people who are totally dependent at this point on their family and friends; many of these people have money in their bank accounts - but their ATM cards are not working because their bankhas been blown away, leaving no records behind. Terry's step-son is in Pensacola with his grandmother, who is insisting on returning to her "home" as soon as possible. Bud's family is in Baton Rouge, and they already know their house isn't standing anymore. Then, Bud told us his story about Friday night...some teenagers broke into his house; they ignored the thousands of dollars of studio equipment and computers that he has. They only took a pair of hiking boots, a pair of earrings and less than $2 in change. Later that night, he heard a strange sound outside...and woke up to see his next door neighbor's house burn to the ground. Literally, to the ground. Suddenly, my Man-of-War sting doesn't seem so bad.

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