Thursday, July 28, 2005

Southern Summers

Every summer I'm amazed at how slowly time seems to roll by...but then I look around, and another week - or two - have gone. Summer is the time of year that used to mean laziness, free time. The past few years it's meant either a.) time to take some extra classes or b.) time to work more to make some extra cash to pay for the classes in the fall. As a result, my lazy days of sitting in the warm sun by a pool seem to have disappeared. I haven't even made it to the pool in the past month, and it's definately been hot enough. Although I have to admit, the weather doesn't seem to be nearly as hot as it used to be. We haven't even hit 100 degreess for the past few years! My poor yankee of a husband almost dies when it hits 95...I wonder how he'll feel when the temperature soars like that again...but until then....I need a mint julip. Or at least a pina colada.

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