Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day. I'm Scared. Hold Me.

I voted - there was almost no line at 2 PM. My hand was shaking. Have I mentioned I'm terrified? I'm supposed to be packing for my conference. I need to triple check my travel orders and reservations. I need to make those stuffed mushrooms for the election party tonight. I need to clean the litterbox, take out the trash, put the recyleables in my car, charge all my batteries... But I'm glued to the TV - and they're NOT REPORTING anything yet since, ya know, there's like a half a day left til this thing's over. Please, dear God, Zeus, Flying Spaghetti Monster - Anyone Who Will Help - let this be over today, in whatever time zone that today ends. Please don't make me get on a plane tomorrow while there's still 24/7 discussion about who might win because no one knows that I'll miss out on. I'm beginning to think the Taco Bell I had for lunch was a bad idea.

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Neurotic Grad Student said...

You're totally not the only one who's had a queasy stomach today!!