Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life is all about how many different ways you can embarrass yourself

For the past several weeks the weather has been gorgeous. We haven’t had our AC on for a while, which is my favorite part of fall. I wish I had more windows, just so I could open them. It annoys me that there’s an entire side of my living room/dining room and kitchen that have walls to other rooms instead of windows for me to open. I also love fall because I love to cook with the windows open. I don’t know exactly why open windows with a nice breeze makes me want to go get messy and all sweaty over a hot oven when for the first time in MONTHS I could go outside and actually breathe without melting. But it does. And I do. And when I cook, I love to have music on. There’s something soothing about singing along with the absolute best Sarah Brightman album while I’m stirring up a pot of risotto. That duet with Andre Bocelli…well, I may not always sound as ethereal as she does, but it’s all so I can practice my vocal range. And when you’re making bread, the absolute best soundtrack is Aerosmith’s The Big Ones. Rag Doll has the best beat for kneading. And of course, the fact that I sound nothing like Steven Tyler only means that I have to turn the music up louder so that I can’t hear myself as much. Baking anything that requires multiple steps and concentration? I like to go with some stuff with really good harmonies so that I can kind of flit in and out of the music as I please. One thing I seemed to forget in my excitement over the fall cooking season? My neighbors. To be specific, the next door neighbors in my little garden home neighborhood who happen to be extremely close by. If we wanted, we could talk through our windows. As long as one of them was by their toilet and I was at my kitchen sink. Also? Apparently I’m not the only one who opens their windows this time of year. It does seem that I’m the only one in the neighborhood who listens to Sarah Brightman, Aerosmith, John Denver, and Peter, Paul and Mary – in that order – on a Saturday afternoon. I guess it goes without saying that I’m also the only one who was singing along?

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smdrm said...

Your neighbors should be grateful you can sing on key!