Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Conundrum

Have you ever been so hungry you felt nauseous? You eat a little something and the feeling goes away. Or you eat a whole lot of something, and you still feel sick - only for a different reason. But either way, you've fixed the first problem: you're no longer nauseatingly hungry.

But what if, thanks to some unidentified bug, your stomach has been forcefully rejecting most food for two days? Are you nauseous because you're hungry, or because your stomach is trying to send you warning signals that now is not the time to try another round of food? How do you know for sure what your stomach wants?

Well, apparently I misread my stomach's signals this morning. After successfully handling a peice of (unbuttered - ick!) toast this morning, I thought my stomach was saying "Yes! We're back open for business! Please send me more food!" when it started getting that "I'm-so-hungry-I'm nauseous" feel to it. quickly I forget...
So after I got to work (yes, the same work that sent me home yesterday after only 30 minutes of looking at me), I found myself something else to eat.
And the sausage biscuit looked sooo good. After all, I'm a meat lover. And I hadn't had any in almost two days.
And now...well, now I've been forcefully ejected from work again. Apparently, the sounds coming from the bathroom were not conducive to studying. Or to working. Or to anyone having a happy morning anywhere within earshot of me and my stomach.

And I'd just like to mention that last night I managed a bowlful of my mother's "Nuts N Bolts". And my stomach was quite happy THEN. So if I have to live on that and Sprite Zero for the rest of my life....well, I guess there are worse diets. Diets that are considerably lower in sodium, but not nearly as yummy.

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